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                      On Mother's day, the general manager went to the workshop to send flowers to female employees.


           "Who says the heart of the grass, the report of the three spring Hui". In order to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, we will further create a strong atmosphere of moral, moral, civilized, and new wind of the mother and mother, and create the unremitting pursuit of good and love in your heart. Shandong Kanglilai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. under the leadership of general manager Li Qingjie, launched the "warm May warm mother's Day" flower delivery activities.



           When the staff took over the carnations representing love from the general manager, their faces were overflowing with a great smile, like the spring breeze and the exhaustion of a day's work.



         The event was quite successful and was well received and recognized by the company's leaders and staff. The activities of mother's day not only carry forward the traditional virtues of the old Chinese people, but also enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the majority of the participants, and create a good atmosphere for women and women in the company. Further strengthen the cohesiveness of the company.



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